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Thank you for choosing Makers Air for your cargo shipping needs to the Bahamas!

Please complete this form, and we will review the information and contact you regarding this shipment to finalize your payment.

Please note:

  • Guaranteed Cargo Blocks are sold in blocks of 100 lbs.  You may purchase multiple blocks.
  • You must follow all proper shipping protocols per Bahamas government regulation, including Click2Clear registration, duties, levies, and required broker fees.
  • Filling out this form does not constitute approval for shipment.
  • Our Freight Department must review it first and will then contact you to finalize your payment.

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Description of Items in Guaranteed Cargo Block:  
    • Please be extremely specific in your shipment description. It should be detailed and include estimated weight and dimensions. Example: 5 large Igloo coolers with perishables. Each cooler is 39"L x 17.4" W x 17'H. The total weight of each cooler is estimated to be 85 lbs.
    • Please keep in mind that luggage greater than 24"x13"x12" is more challenging to accommodate on flights, as they will exceed the cargo pod dimensions. If seats need to be removed to accommodate your shipment, this will be an additional cost.
    • If you plan on traveling with any perishable items, permits from the Bahamas Department of Agriculture are required to import meat, dairy, produce, and plant/flowers.